Our Charities

WFPS Run is pleased to partner annually with the Heart and Stroke Foundation during our event. WFPS Run donates a large part of event revenue after expenses and, in addition, our dedicated runners raise funds to support the foundation.

For more information about the Heart & Stroke Foundation, or to make a donation, please visit http://support.heartandstroke.ca

Throughout the year WFPS Run works with the board and ambassadors to identify other local charities
that can benefit from our support. Past support has included:

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation
St. Amant Foundation
Variety Manitoba, the Children’s Charity
Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
SISTARS and Eagle Wing North Point Douglas
Main Street Project
Rossbrook House
Siloam Mission
Mental Health Foundation of Canada with Trash Stigma Event
MS Society
Manitoba Underdogs Rescue
St. Johns Ambulance
True North Foundation