“Worry Free” Registration 2021

In continuing response to the current uncertainty surrounding the staging of large community events because of the ongoing pandemic, WFPS Run is continuing its “WORRY FREE” REGISTRATION policy for the 2021 WFPS Run registration.

The below policy will take effect from April 1 – August 31, 2021:


  • If the 2021 WFPS RUN is unable to be conducted in any form related to the COVID -19 public-health crisis, all registrants will have the option to select:
  1. an automatic deferral to a 2021 virtual event
  2. or a deferral of fees towards a 2022 event
  3. or a full refund*
  • Upon official cancellation of the event, the current “no refunds” policy will be paused for 30 days and all registered participants have 30 days to email their preferred option.
  • *If registrant choses a full refund it will include: your registration fee and GST.  It will NOT include: any ACTIVE Network processing fees OR a donation made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation with registration.
  • For participants paying with cheque. Your registration will be processed when we receive your cheque and info form. Your cheque will NOT be cashed until the event is deemed to continue.  If the event is cancelled your cheque will be returned and your registration cancelled, if the event continues, we will process your cheque immediately.
  • 30 days after the announcement of a 2021 cancellation no further refunds will be given and no transfers onto a virtual event. All remaining registrations will be transferred into the 2022 WFPS RUN automatically
  • After August 31, 2021, regardless of if the 2021 WFPS RUN is conducted or cancelled, no refunds will be offered and the existing WFPS Run no refund policy remains in place.


**this offer is still extended to any person who registered and paid for the 2020 WFPS Run during our post-2019 event cancellation three-day promotion in October 2019***




How will you determine if the 2021 WFPS Run will go forward?

There are many factors we must consider including ongoing consultation with the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba.  Factors such as permits, terms of an event permit, supplier invoicing deadlines, and health guidelines.

Why can I not get a refund after August 31, 2021?

Before August 31, 2021, the WFPS Run committee would have determined if the event will take place.  An event the size of WFPS Run must make significant financial commitment to many suppliers and therefore cannot offer refunds after that date.

What if you cancel the event after August 31, 2021 due to COVID-19?

We cannot offer any refunds.  You can transfer into our 2021 virtual event. The committee will determine how best to proceed to distribute medals and shirts in the safest manner that is in conjunction with city and provincial regulations.

I already registered but I want a refund now. Can I get one?

No.  The “worry-free” policy only covers an event cancellation by the event organizers between April 1 – August 31, 2021. If the event is cancelled during that timeframe you will receive a notification and you can select to request a refund, transfer to 2021 virtual or defer your registration to 2022.

What is included in my refund?

You will only get your registration fee and GST back on your original payment type.  ACTIVE Fees are not included in your refund nor is any donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

If the event is cancelled how do I get a refund?
Information will be sent to all participants on how to request a deferral, virtual or refund.  Be aware that you have 30 days from the announcement of the event cancellation to request a refund.  If we do not hear from you, your registration will be automatically moved into 2022.

How can I guarantee a refund of my registration no matter what?

Please consider ACTIVE NETWORK’S race cancellation insurance when you register.  This would allow you to make a claim with the ACTIVE NETWORK directly. If you are still unsure, please do not register.

Can I still sell or transfer my bib to another person in 2021?

No. In 2021 runners may NOT sell or transfer their bibs to others.  Runners are expected to pick up their kits in person with ID.   This relates to each runner being required to complete a health check and be assigned a wrist band that must be put on at time of kit pick up.

Can I downgrade my event if I need to?

No. We will not be able to accommodate downgrading of events in 2021.

I want to run with my friends/run group can you put us in the same time slots?

No. We cannot accommodate this in 2021.  Time slot assignments are based on expected finish times.

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