Our Charities

WFPS Run is pleased to partner annually with the Heart and Stroke Foundation during our event. WFPS Run donates a large part of event revenue after expenses and, in addition, our dedicated runners raise funds to support the foundation.

For more information about the Heart & Stroke Foundation, or to make a donation, please visit http://support.heartandstroke.ca

Throughout the year WFPS Run works with the board and ambassadors to identify other local charities
that can benefit from our support. Past support has included:
• CancerCare Manitoba Foundation
• St. Amant Foundation
• Variety Manitoba, the Children’s Charity
• Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
• SISTARS and Eagle Wing North Point Douglas
• Main Street Project
• Siloam Mission
• Mental Health Foundation of Canada with Trash Stigma Event
• MS Society
• Manitoba Underdogs Rescue
• St. Johns Ambulance
• True North Foundation